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Sermon Title: "Capture the Flag"

Pastor Gresford Thomas

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Sabbath Greeting Family!

I remember, as a child, playing "Capture the Flag" in gym class. Capture the flag is a traditional outdoor sport where two or more teams each have a flag or banner planted in a specific location. The primary objective is to identify the location of and then capture the other team's flag, located at the team's base.

The title of the message this week is: "Capture the Flag". It is based on the short narrative found in Exodus 17:8-16. The Children of Israel were under attack by their sworn enemy, the nation of Amalek. Amalek wanted to defeat Israel and capture the "flag" of freedom God provided to them. This freedom came via their release from Egypt in dramatic fashion. As the battle ensued, Moses sat on a rock and lifted up his rod to declare that when God's people focus on Him and reach up to Him, victory is guaranteed. That place of victory was called, "Jehovah-Nissi" or "the LORD is my banner".

As we face the daily battles of life, we can be assured that the Lord wants us to taste victory. When Jesus was lifted up on the cross, He defeated sin and His death and resurrection became our "flag" or banner of freedom over any obstacle the enemy may throw our way. May it be our daily desire to keep our focus on the cross of Christ!
Pastor Gresford Thomas
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